Workplace Accidents

Workplace Vehicle Accidents

Many industries rely on the use of large vehicles and trucks to complete tasks ranging from transporting products to demolishing buildings. These massive machines make a wide variety of jobs possible, but they also carry a high rate of injuries and fatalities for those who operate and work near them.

In 2013, transportation accidents accounted for almost 40% of fatal injuries across all work industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 1,740 workers in roles such as mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction died in that year alone.

Weight loads and hazardous chemicals can make vehicles even more dangerous should they collide with other machinery or personnel. There are a number of steps that can be taken to improve the safety of workers near vehicles, and ensuring that issues such as poor visibility, unfiltered fumes, exposed hot parts, and a lack of an emergency over-ride shut-off command put employs at a high risk of serious injury.

Preventing a disaster relies largely on training and properly equipping workers. Operating workplace vehicles can be complex and often requires special training. Companies that employ inexperienced drivers are much more likely to cause an accident. Preparing workers in case of an emergency can also reduce the damage resulting from an unfortunate incident.

Workplace vehicles can include:

These types of vehicles can easily cause a life-threatening incident if due diligence is not observed by companies and managerial staff. Workers have the right to a safe workplace, and when this is compromised due to negligence, the at-fault party may be liable for the costs of any injuries. Determining who is responsible for the damages can be challenging, but a skilled attorney can confidently review your case and inform you of the potential options.

Workplace Vehicle Accidents Lawyers

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