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Industrial Accidents

Although a wide range of industrial jobs are necessary to complete a variety of tasks, workers who fill roles such as manning chemical plants and warehouses face an increased risk of injuries on the job. Heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and rigorous tasks combine and create an environment that can quickly become dangerous if due diligence is not observed.

The damages inflicted on workers in an industrial capacity can vary widely, ranging from minor lacerations to permanent paralysis. To minimize the risks posed by machinery, fumes, and other hazards, the proper maintenance and utilization of safety equipment plays a vital role, as well as training workers in how to react to emergency situations.

Steps to prevent disasters in industrial workplaces include:

Although heavy machinery greatly improves the function of many tasks, they also contribute to an alarming number of injuries in various fields. Workers can be caught in between moving parts, burned, or electrocuted, and the force behind a machine’s movements can make even a small error result in a serious injury. Machinery accounts for the majority of injuries to workers’ hands and fingers, contributing a large percentage of amputations each year.

Fumes and other toxic materials also contribute to a large number of workplace injuries, ranging from single disastrous incidents to severe diseases developed through long-term exposure. The lungs, eyes, and skin are susceptible to chemical exposure. As such, equipment must be used regularly to minimize contamination. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has determined the amount of exposure to known dangerous toxins a worker may face over a length of time, and these permissible exposure limits (PELs) are listed online.

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