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Construction Accidents

With new buildings and renovations in constant demand, construction workers generally do not have a problem finding employment. The strenuous and often stressful deadlines combined with the physically intense nature of the job can place a strain on workers and increase the risks posed by potentially hazardous situations on the job, making construction one of the most notoriously dangerous fields to work in.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), construction workers accounted for over 20% of work-related fatalities in 2013. This alarming number reflects a fairly consistent trend throughout the past decade, leading to new regulations that strive to keep workers safe.

Despite more stringent guidelines, hundreds of workers face severe injuries or death from a wide number of situations at construction sites.

Types of Construction Accidents Include:

Proper training and safety equipment are among the most crucial tools in minimizing the risks to workers. Properly training all personnel in how to safely handle dangerous tools and machinery, follow appropriate safety techniques, and recognize potential dangers can prevent accidents. In addition, teaching emergency protocols can help workers effectively react in the case of an incident. Evacuation measures, fire safety, and basic first aid skills can easily save a workers life should a dire situation arise.

Equipment is also key in protecting workers from a range of situations. Even in the safest of work environments, accidents can still occur, and gear that has been maintained can greatly reduce the resulting damages from inevitable mistakes.

Essential safety equipment can include:

If the use of these essential safety tools is neglected, supervisors and other management personnel may be responsible for the harm inflicted. The implementation of safety protocols protects all workers at a site, and it is the responsibility of crew management to provide an environment that is as risk-free as possible.

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Seeking compensation after a construction site accident can be an intimidating process, but with the help of an experienced injury attorney, you and your family may be able to recover from the financial burdens of an injury on the job. The Houston construction accident lawyers of Adame Garza  LLP have helped hundreds of workers after workplace injuries, and we stand ready to aid you through this difficult time.

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