What Not to Do After an Auto Accident

At some point, virtually every driver on the road will be involved in a vehicle accident of some kind. It’s an unnerving experience, even when it’s minor; there’s something about the squeal of tires and the crunch of metal that people always remember. Not everyone who is the victim of an accident will pursue a claim with an insurance company, but that option is always available, so there are some things no accident victim should ever do or say at the site of an accident or in the immediate aftermath; things that can cause serious problems with any insurance claim and could significantly reduce the amount of damages or settlement you receive for an injury.

While everyone should make sure all injuries are treated and that the authorities are notified, there are simply a number of things you should never do if you have been in an auto accident, like these:

The best possible advice, however, is to make sure you actually do something to help you recover; contact one of the auto accident injury attorneys at Adame Garza LLP to answer your questions and guide you through the things you should do. Our attorneys have successfully handled these types of accidents for many years and we understand the physical and emotional difficulties that come with every accident and every injury.

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