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As the use of public transportation steadily grows, people are relying more on buses to get them to and from their destinations. School buses, city buses, and charters are the most frequently utilized buses used as mass transit vehicles. These provide potential alternatives to private vehicles, but they also carry the risk for severe injuries in the case of an accident.

Drivers who operate buses and other public transportation vehicles must adhere to specific guidelines, as well as hold a specialized license. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes a number of guidelines, such as the number of hours that a driver can work, the maximum passengers allowed inside a vehicle, and other regulations. If a driver or a company neglects to abide by these guidelines, they could be held liable for any injuries that occur to passengers or other drivers as a result.

The majority of buses do not have seatbelts, greatly increasing the risk of potential injuries in the case of a collision. Other factors can also increase your risk of injury, such as a bus carrying a heavy load onboard, speeding, or improperly maintained safety equipment, such as a non-functioning emergency exit door.

A bus accident may be caused or made worse by:

Due to the heavy weight of a bus, a collision can easily cause serious damage, especially if the bus overturns. Passengers can be thrown from their seats, and can even be thrown from the vehicle in a severe accident.

If a crash was caused by the negligence of the bus driver or the company that owns the bus, those injured in the collision may be able to seek compensation for their injuries. Costs associated with the collision can include medical bills and on-going medical treatment, such as rehabilitation for severe injuries. Insurance companies may scramble to offer settlements to victims of an accident, but it is important to ensure that any accepted amount truly covers the costs of all damages caused by the accident.

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