The Dangers of Scaffolding

Without the use of scaffolding, the construction industry would not be able to build as quickly, safely, or efficiently. While scaffolding is a crucial apparatus for construction workers, it can also be deadly if the proper safety procedures aren’t followed.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported that scaffolding violations were the third most cited safety standard in 2015 and accounted for over 50 deaths. When safety standards aren’t met with scaffolding, this puts people who work on and under scaffolding at an extreme risk.

Common Causes of Scaffolding Accidents

The most common cause of scaffolding accidents is planks giving way. OSHA sets specific standards for the quality of lumber used in scaffolding, and using lower quality lumber could cause injuries. In addition to using the right kind of lumber, the length the lumber spans must also be in accordance with OSHA standards. This ensures the lumber will always be capable of supporting the weight of the people working on it.

Another common cause of scaffolding accidents is inadequate cross bracing. Because some scaffolding can be several stories high, it’s important that the cross braces can withstand the weight of workers and their tools.

Scaffolding accidents can also occur when scaffolding is not equipped with guardrails or when guardrails fail, causing workers to fall. With nearly 40% of all workplace fatalities resulting from falls, guardrails are essential to keeping workers safe.

In addition to the threat scaffolding imposes on people who work on them, they are also a risk for people who work under and around them. In the event of a scaffolding collapse, any workers under the scaffolding can also sustain serious injuries.

Preventing Scaffolding Accidents

Employers have a responsibility to provide all workers with a safe workplace. This includes the appropriate safety training and equipment required for the job. To best prevent scaffolding accidents, it’s essential to meet all OSHA requirements and regularly inspect scaffolding for any weaknesses, defects, or safety violations.

Houston Scaffolding Accident Lawyers

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