Refinery Explosions

Texas and the Gulf Coast are well known for the production of oil, and refineries are crucial to that production. However, oil refineries can be incredibly dangerous, and refinery explosions injure and kill hundreds of workers each year. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the oil industry accounts for seven times more workplace fatalities than any other industry.

What Makes Refineries So Dangerous?

Refineries work to convert crude oil into gasoline, and both of these substances are extremely flammable. Refineries are generally very large complexes with a maze of pipes transporting oil throughout the different stages in the refining process. A small defect or hazard in one part of the complex can cause devastating explosions across the plant.

How Do Refinery Explosions Happen?

Refinery explosions are most commonly caused by negligence. Some of the most common causes of refinery explosions include:

Injuries From Refinery Explosions

Workers injured in refinery explosions generally experience devastating injuries. Victims can suffer injuries ranging from severe burns from heat, chemicals, and or electrical equipment. Victims can also suffer from shockwave injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, neck and back injuries, lacerations, and even death.

In many cases, the road to recovery will be long and arduous for refinery explosion victims, and some may never regain full mobility. Victims could require months of medical care, ongoing physical therapy, multiple surgeries, specialty medical equipment, and medications to recover from their injuries.

Because of this, refinery explosions can cause a huge financial burden on victims and their families. Workers might not be able to return to work for some time, meaning they also suffer lost wages when they need it the most.

Houston Refinery Explosion Lawyers

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