Proper Safety Equipment for the Industrial Workplace

It is just a fact of life that certain types of jobs entail a relatively high degree of risk, and industrial workplaces are rife with those types of jobs. For most of those workers, having the proper safety equipment can mean the difference between going home safely at the end of the workday or being seriously injured or even killed while trying to make a living. Equipping workers with proper safety equipment minimizes the risk of injury or death in every workplace, and this is especially true in industrial workplaces.

While proper safety equipment is worn or used by workers to minimize exposure to workplace injuries that can sometimes result from contact with workplace hazards that could include physical, electrical, or mechanical hazards, it should be obvious that the mere presence of safety equipment in a workplace doesn’t automatically guarantee the safety of every worker.

Federal Laws Protect Workers’ Safety

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), all safety equipment necessary to prevent injury must follow several regulations. First, safety equipment should be of a safe design and construction. Second, the equipment must be maintained properly according to manufacturer’s specifications. Finally, all safety equipment should always be clean and reliable, meaning the equipment is in proper working order at all times and is readily accessible by every worker who may need it. Employers are not allowed to alter or modify safety equipment  in any way, even if the employer believes such alterations may increase productivity.

In addition, workers must be properly trained to know when to use the equipment and how to use it properly. They have to know under which circumstances the safety equipment is necessary and the type of equipment they should be using. Workers must also be trained on the limitations of the equipment as well as the proper care, maintenance and disposal of all safety equipment on the premises. Employers who cut corners when it comes to safety equipment put their workers at risk and it’s almost always the workers who pay the price.

Texas Workplace Injury Attorneys

A great number of workers who are injured on the job because of a lack of protective safety equipment or because the safety equipment was not properly maintained don’t realize that they may be entitled to bring a claim based on Texas labor law as well as OSHA regulations. The Texas workplace injury attorneys at Adame Garza LLP are familiar with all of these regulations and how they can apply to incidents that are caused by improper safety equipment or a lack of proper safety equipment in the workplace.

We are dedicated to getting injured workers the financial compensation they and their loved ones need and deserve. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or even died as result of an accident in the workplace that was at least partially caused by a lack of proper safety equipment, please contact us so that we can discuss the facts of the case and help you protect your rights.

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