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Automobile owners and drivers trust that the vehicles they rely on every day have been safely manufactured and thoroughly tested. If something goes wrong when a vehicle is on the road, a serious accident could occur. Sadly, manufacturers and distributors do not always uphold this responsibility, and millions of cars are recalled every year, often after consumers are injured or killed by the defective auto product.

Even the smallest defect can cause a life-threatening incident, especially in a vehicle that is travelling at high speeds. In the case of an accident, the risk of injury can be increased exponentially if safety equipment, such as air bags, do not function properly. Some defective items may even pose an independent hazard to vehicle owners.

Defective auto products can include:

A particular area of importance is the vehicle’s frame. When a car is struck, and especially in the instance of a rollover, the frame of the vehicle must withstand the impact to keep the passengers inside from being severely injured. If a roof is crushed or another part of a vehicle crumples under impact, the damages resulting from the accident will be much more severe. Although federal regulations require a certain record of vehicle integrity to be established before it is sold to the public, some manufacturers may rush their production or choose to overlook unfavorable crash outcomes, putting consumers at risk.

It can be difficult to determine the liable party and take on intimidating companies after a defective auto part contributes to an accident. For instance, a defective airbag may have been due to a poor design, flawed manufacturing, or inadequate testing performed before distribution. You may be up against massive corporations, but an attorney with experience in this field of law can make all the difference in putting your mind at ease and getting you the compensation that you deserve.

Auto Products Liability Lawyers

The past few years have seen record numbers of vehicle recalls across the country, with millions at risk due to defective parts. If you believe that you or a loved one has been harmed due to a vehicle malfunction, the auto products liability lawyers at Adame Garza LLP can help. Contact us today to speak to an experienced Texas attorney and take the first steps in seeking compensation for your injuries.

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