What To Know About Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries are the most common injuries caused by car accidents. While some whiplash injuries are only minor, others can cause long lasting and debilitating issues. For people injured in car accidents, particularly rear-end collisions, it is crucial a medical professional immediately treats whiplash injuries.

What Exactly Is A Whiplash Injury?

Whiplash injuries occur when there is a sudden backward and forward movement of the neck. This causes the neck to move in painful and dangerous positions. Whiplash injuries can affect both the soft tissues in the neck and the bones in the spine. Some of the most common symptoms of whiplash injuries include:

Symptoms can appear immediately, or in the days, weeks, or months after a car accident. Symptoms can also vary widely from patient to patient, so it’s important to let a doctor diagnose and treat your car accident injuries. Severe whiplash injuries can also damage the joints and discs in the neck and even cause nerve damage. This can cause victims to suffer chronic pain and prolonged periods of disability.

Always Seek Medical Attention

Even speeds as low as 5 to 10 miles per hour could cause whiplash injuries in a vehicle collision. Because the symptoms might not always be immediate, victims could suffer fractures or dislocations in the spine or other serious injuries and unknowingly leave them untreated. This can exaggerate damage to the injured party and is particularly true for the elderly, as risk of serious whiplash injury increases as people age.

While many victims will not suffer long-term effects, they will still struggle with temporary immobility and disability. Victims often have to miss work, which causes them to suffer from lost wages. For serious cases, victims may need to regularly attend physical therapy, which can quickly create a financial burden.

Houston Whiplash Injuries Lawyers

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