How Your Smartphone Can Help in an Auto Accident

With over two million people injured in car accidents each year, these motor vehicle crashes can be devastating for the parties involved. Luckily, most people carry a smartphone with them that can help after an accident.

Benefits of a Smartphone After an Accident

The most obvious benefit of having a smartphone after a car accident is that you can immediately call for help. While this seems very basic, the decrease in response time from first responders has actually decreased car accident fatalities. With the GPS capabilities in your smartphone, emergency responders can locate the accident scene and send help.

In some car accidents, your smartphone can help document the incident to speed up the time it takes to get the issue resolved. Getting the other person’s contact information input into your smartphone and taking a picture of the their driver’s license and insurance information ensures that these necessary pieces of information don’t get lost. Documenting the damage to both vehicles with photos and videos can, at the very least, make sure the insurance company understands what happened, and hopefully help determine liability with your insurance claim. That being said, if you have been injured, you should never delay seeking medical treatment to document your accident.

Many insurance providers now have applications or apps for their customers to utilize on their smartphones after car accidents. From uploading pictures, drawing out the accident scene, and even filing a claim, your smartphone can take you through the entire motor vehicle accident insurance claims process, and thus decrease the processing time.

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