Deadly Bus Crash Takes Nine Lives

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating a deadly bus crash that occurred on May 14, 2016 that took the lives of nine passengers. The charter bus, owned and operated by OGA Charters, was traveling from the Rio Grande Valley to The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass, Texas.

Driving through rainy conditions, the bus went off the road and rolled over. Seven passengers were killed instantly after being ejected from the bus during the rollover. One passenger was found alive at the scene, but succumbed to injuries later that day.

The ninth death occurred nearly a week after the accident. The victims were identified as Atanacio Almendares Trejo, 83, Altagracia Torres, 61; Maria de Jesus Musquiz, 52; Dora Nelly Gonzalez, 68; Frances Guerrero, 52; Marisela Lopez, 60; Adelfa Garza, 63; Jaime Navarro, 60; and Emma Rodriguez Zamudio, 81.

The fatal Texas bus accident left over 40 passengers injured as investigators and victims try to understand what caused it. The NTSB stated that it could take as long as 14 months to establish a cause for the tragic event.

The NTSB did say that it will be looking into several factors as potential causes of bus crash including road conditions, the charter bus company’s records, mechanical issues, and the driving record of the 29 year-old bus driver, Porfirio Aguirre Vasquez, who sustained injuries during the crash, but was later released from the hospital.

Five victims have already filed lawsuits against the bus charter company, OGA Charters, The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino, the bus driver, Porfirio Aguirre Vasquez, and Elvia Estrada, the contracted bus coordinator for the casino,

Because the casino chartered the bus involved in the crash, the lawsuit seeks to hold the casino and the charter company, as well as the coordinator and bus driver, responsible for the fatal Texas bus accident.

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