Assaults & Acts of Violence

Apartment Assault

Although crimes will inevitably happen, managers and apartment owners must take every reasonable precaution to protect residents from apartment assaults. If negligence on behalf of the owners and other authoritative figures contributes to an assault or other crime that befalls a tenant, they may be liable for the resulting damages.

Criminals are more likely to target apartment complexes because they have access to a large number of homes and vehicles. Lower floors are especially at risk of break-ins, and parking garages see a high percentage of attacks. It is the responsibility of management and staff to respond to any safety concerns and keep all areas well maintained.

Examples of apartment negligence include:

Tenants are at risk of sexual assault, rape, robbery, assault, and even homicide if safety measures are neglected. These types of crimes occur in apartment complexes with alarming frequency, however they are often preventable. Damages resulting from an attack can vary greatly, but victims could be facing months of recovery, both physical and psychological. If you are prevented from working after an assault or suffer from a condition resulting from the assault that requires ongoing medical care, the associated costs can quickly become overwhelming.

To establish that an apartment complex’s management or staff is liable for harm that occurs in an apartment assault, there are several elements that must be proven. Establishing these parameters is often more challenging than it seems, and an experienced attorney is essential in successfully seeking compensation.

Texas Apartment Assault Attorneys

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