Assaults & Acts of Violence

Crimes will always be present in our society, but many of them are preventable by taking diligent preemptive steps to avoid them. Although violent crimes can lead to criminal charges many may also create grounds for a civil action allowing the victim to recover financially for damages inflicted by their perpetrator’s actions. Employees, apartment tenants, and visitors to businesses have a right to be reasonably protected by management, and then this duty is neglected, they may have grounds to seek compensation for the harm inflicted.

Apartment Assault

Tenants expect to be reasonably protected by the security provided by an apartment complex. When an assault occurs due to negligence on the part of management or staff, they could be held liable for the injures sustained.

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Nightclub Injuries

A night of fun can quickly turn into a disaster if the negligence of a venue or its staff leads to an assault at a nightclub, bar, or other social establishment.

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Workplace Assault

Fellow colleagues and customers injure a surprising number of employees each year when their supervisors do not take steps to keep them safe.

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